The Path of Pins or the Path of Needles. Which will you take?

We are looking for stories that explore aspects of the marginalized while seeking to empower the outcast. Strange, transformational journeys, whimsy, and wonderment is a must. Stories do not have to be retellings of fairy tales―new fairy tales are welcome and strongly encouraged.

Submission guidelines:
Fiction: maximum 3000 words. 
Poetry: maximum 250 lines. 
Artwork: illustrations, photography, comics, and other visuals at 300 dpi. 

Please email submissions to with “Genre–Title” in the subject line. Fiction and poetry should be attached as .doc files and artwork as jpgs. If you are submitting multiple works, please attach them as separate files within the email. Also include a short bio (2-3 sentences) about yourself.

Some formalities:
All rights are maintained by the author. We only ask that we have permission to publish accepted works in print and online form.
Reprints and simultaneous submissions are frowned upon.
Please note that as this is a non-profit journal, we are not able to offer payment for accepted works. However, contributing writers/artists will receive a pretty little handbound copy of the issue they will be featured in. 

All other inquiries may be sent to


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